Tom Cruise back in Maverick in the first trailer of Top Gun 2

Tom Cruise back in Maverick in the first trailer of Top Gun 2

Was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated proceeds of cinema: Tom Cruise will once again embody the character of the rebellious pilot who began his career at Top Gun: Maverick. Since the release of the first Top Gun in 1986, the actor has played a long role: from forgetting to mission: impossible, Tom Cruise confirmed his status as a Hollywood star.

Along with Jennifer Connelly, Ed Harris and Val Kilmer, he returned to his role to teach Bradley, played by Tills Miles, to fly a fighter. Since the announcement of this sequel since 2010, some fans have lost all hope of seeing Tom Cruise back in the cockpit. With this first trailer, we know that we have only one year to wait,

The rocking trailer will even give critics, concerned about a “Top Gun” sequel 33 years after the original, the need for speed.

Cruise, 57, looks as if he just walked off the original, flashing that smile, still wearing those Ray-Bans and that bomber jacket — and continuing his knack of chasing jets on his motorcycle (without those silly helmets, as we see in the trailer).



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