7-Steps to Prep Your Kitchen Cabinets to Receive a Professional Paint Finish

There’s a long procedure to painting your kitchen cupboards. On the off chance that you don’t appropriately prepare your cupboards, you will be certain that your paint finish won’t keep going extremely long. Appropriate planning additionally gives you a decent establishment to accomplish the lovely expert look that you need for your improved cupboards. There are 7 stages to setting up your kitchen cupboards to get the best enduring completion.

The initial phase in the 7-advance procedure is to evacuate all the equipment. You need to expel your cupboard ways to make it simpler to paint your kitchen cupboards. Most property holders plan on reusing their equipment so it’s imperative to expel your equipment so as to shield your equipment from the accompanying strides in the 7-advance procedure. After you evacuate your equipment, you need to ensure you put your pivots, handles, handles and fastens a protected spot so when the work of art venture is settled, you can undoubtedly introduce your equipment.


The following stage is to cover your cupboards. The most exceedingly awful thing that you can do, is harm your dividers and ledges while attempting to paint your cupboards. When concealing, you need to cover everything, with paper or plastic, and utilize blue painters’ tape for simple evacuation and arrival of tape, from your dividers, floor and ledges. A great many people skip concealing the floor, yet appropriate covering will give you sharp and clean lines on your floors. Painting near the floor is a troublesome assignment regardless, so ensure you tape off the floor and spread the floor to shield from tidying up paint splatters later.

In the wake of everything is veiled and concealed, the following stage is degreasing your cupboards. On the off chance that you have new cupboards that haven’t persevere through the cooking condition, at that point avoid this progression. Most paints guarantee to square stains, yet oil stains are something other than what’s expected and any oil deserted will cause your canvas occupation to fall flat, in addition to the oil stains will get through the paint. You would prefer not to place in 4 days of painting just to understand that you should repaint your cupboards to expel the oil stains. You can utilize any degreaser, simply make certain to clean all the degreaser from the cupboards once you are finished.

Next is the hardest piece of the preparing procedure and that is sanding your cupboards. You initially should ensure the cupboards are dry from the degreasing procedure. When you are certain the cupboards are dry, at that point you are going to need to sand your cupboards. It’s ideal to utilize 220 coarseness sanding paper or squares. Anything coarser than 220 will cause profound scratches that will appear through your paint finish, so ensure you don’t utilize a harsher coarseness than 220. While sanding, you need to ensure your cupboards don’t have a sparkle or gleam. In the event that your cupboards were recolored and fixed, the sealer is the reasonable coat, and the sealer is the thing that secures your cupboards, and that incorporates insurance from paint. Along these lines, you have to sand the lustrous insurance from your cupboards.


When you are finished sanding cupboards, you have to expel all the residue that is left a short time later. Inability to expel all the residue from sanding can mess two up. One issue is paint disappointment. Residue will keep your preliminary from adhering to the cupboards appropriately. Residue makes a layer between your cupboards and preliminary, which implies your groundwork won’t come straightforwardly in contact with your cupboards and will be dangerous sooner or later. The other issue residue will make is giving you a dirty completion. When groundwork dries on dust, the preliminary will assume the qualities of the residue, which is a coarse surface. Furthermore, the dirty surface will make it difficult to clean your cupboards later. It’s simpler to clean smooth cupboards than abrasive surface cupboards. Oil and earth will be installed in the pits that the sanding residue will make. You have to utilize microfiber clothes to expel the residue after you are vacuuming the residue away.

Caulking and wood filling your defects in your cupboards will go far in making your cupboards paint work look proficient. You won’t to hold back to caulk after the degreaser and sanding is finished to shield from harming your bureau and wood filler. On the off chance that you have to wood fill anything on your cupboards, make that is done before you caulk in light of the fact that after you fill your openings or grain with wood filler then you should sand the wood filler smooth. At that point you would rehash the residue expulsion process recorded previously. Indeed, even with your caulking, you need to utilize a little gap to caulk your kitchen cupboards. Ensure you smooth the caulk appropriately expelling any overabundance caulk and buildup, in light of the fact that any caulk that isn’t smooth will appear through you in your paint.

The last advance to the 7-advance procedure is to prime your cupboards. Before you prime, you have to ensure your caulking is totally dry. In the event that your caulk isn’t altogether dry, at that point groundwork will caulk a slower dry, and will cause a disappointment later. In the event that you don’t allow your caulk to dry, at that point the caulk will psychologist, break or therapist and split after you are finished painting your cupboards.


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