Green Bay Packers smother Chicago Bears to take victory in NFL season opener

The Packers used the Bears’ usual trademark, a staunch defense, and just enough from Aaron Rodgers on Thursday night to kick off the NFL’s 100th season with a 10-3 victory over their archrivals.

A lack of action in the preseason clearly damaged both offenses, and Rodgers at times looked uncomfortable in the attack designed by new coach Matt LaFleur. But he is a two-time league MVP, and he hit Jimmy Graham in the second quarter for the only touchdown of the game.

From that point, it was a forceful resistance that would have made Vince Lombardi pleased in the most recent release of the NFL’s longest contention, which the Packers lead 98-95-6. Green Bay has won 16 of the last 19 standard season gatherings, and Rodgers is 17-5 against Chicago.

Chicago’s guard was great, getting five sacks tying the most it has had against Rodgers. In any case, the Bears could do little with the ball and the Packers had five sacks of Mitchell Trubisky, who never discovered his walk, and was sacked on Chicago’s last hostile play. Previous Bears wellbeing Adrian Amos picked off an end-zone go into twofold inclusion with 1:58 outstanding, the main turnover of the challenge. Bricklayer Crosby made a 39-yard field objective in the last time frame for Green Bay, while guarding NFC North champion Chicago got a 38-yarder from Eddy Pineiro.

The NFL selected to go for a history-tinged opener as opposed to having the Super Bowl champions have the primary game. New England will be at home to Pittsburgh on Sunday night, and it’s impossible that game will be so overwhelmed by D. Or on the other hand by slip-ups. Each group had 10 punishments, there was an aggregate of 467 yards of just offense, and a few drops. At a certain point, Chicago had three straight punishments to place them in a first-and-40. The Bears didn’t change over.

“Three is ludicrous,” mentor Matt Nagy said. “Any Chicago Bears fan … ought to be vexed.”

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source: the guardian