Hayden Montross: Alopecia areata made her a strong girl on Tiktok

Hayden Montross, a 17-year-old resident of Georgia, USA, has been suffering from alopecia since she was five years old. Curiously, Hayden regards the disease as a positive thing. Hayden’s disease began to spread due to autoimmunity. The body wrecked the hair follicles causing them to lose hair. But Hayden has always been positive as she created passages from her life like any teenager of that age and shared them on the Tiktok platform. She was surprised, however, by the large number who watched the video, which showed how the history of a girl with canister looks.

Hayden made a hilarious TikTok video showing what it’s like to date her (Picture: @haydenmontross/TikTok)

Hayden said she was taking too short a time to prepare in the morning and that she did not need her hair
Hayden comically says she goes out and buys a comb. As I mentioned in a short clip, she wouldn’t throw her hair on her friends’ face when she hugged them
The high school student was happy with other Tiktok users with a frank sense of humor. Hayden has collected 141,000 fans on her Tiktok account while enjoying her entertainment about her condition that affected her since she was five years old.

Hayden’s hair started falling out when she was five (Picture: @haydenmontross)

Hayden answered all the questions she was frankly painful about: Do you have cancer? Are you a girl or a boy? And Hayden’s been commended for her efforts within the TikTok community too.

Hayden during her prom (Picture: @haydenmontross/TikTok)