Public life in Singapore is the richest country in the world

Singapore is a republic located in Southeast Asia, separated by Singapore and Malaysia Strait of Johor. Singapore has an area of ​​710 square kilometers, with Singapore as its capital. The name of Singapore (which is pronounced by the locals of Singapore) is rooted in the Sumatran prince Sang Nila Utama, one of the ancient explorers of this island.

 History of Singapore

Singapore was burned by Portuguese fighters in the second century AD, which made it a devastated country for two consecutive centuries, and then subjected to British colonialism in the nineteenth century, where the British knew its great importance as a commercial center and a port leading to Southeast Asia, and then became independent 1957 and united with Malaysia two years later, and then completely separated from them in 1965 and was then called the Republic of Singapore.

Residents of Singapore

 Singapore’s community is made up of 80% of Chinese, 14% of Malay, 8% of Indians and 1% of other races. As for religion, Singapore is multi-religious by virtue of multi-ethnicity, but Buddhism is the tyrant and then Christianity and atheism, and a small proportion of Muslims and Hindus. Its predominant official language is English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil, with a population of approximately 5.18 million in 2011 estimates.

 Economy of Singapore

 Singapore is a cosmopolitan city with an important role in the global economy. The Economist magazine, published by the Economist Intelligence Unit, in the list of quality of life index, Singapore ranked first for Asia and 11th for the whole world. Singapore was severely affected during the global economic crisis in 2009, the same as all countries, but affected more than others because of its economy dependent on exports abroad, but Singapore was able to overcome this crisis and rebuild its economy in the same year, and at the end of the first half of 2010 Singapore recorded growth 17.9%.

 Security in Singapore

Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world, with a strong army and police officers working day and night to spread security, security and law enforcement to anyone who violates it. Of the people who prefer to live quietly and peacefully, murder and theft have been virtually non-existent in recent years.

 Climate in Singapore

The climate in Singapore is stable throughout the year, with an average maximum temperature of 31 degrees Celsius while a minimum temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. Singapore’s climate is characterized by mild temperatures, high humidity, and high rainfall.

The language in Singapore

Singapore has four official languages: Malay, Mandarin, English, and Tamil.

 Religion in Singapore

Singapore is a multi-religious country because of its ethnic mix, with Buddhism accounting for 33%, Christianity about 18%, Islamism 14.6%, Hinduism about 4%, Taoism 8.5%, other religions 0.6%, and those without religion around 17.8%.

  • Singapore is the main port of Southeast Asia and the most active in the world. It is the most prosperous country in Asia.
  • It has a high standard in various fields of education, health, transportation, and housing.
  • It is an industrial center and is famous for the production of textile, clothing, chemicals, electronic, electrical and industrial equipment, household appliances, optical and scientific devices, plastic products, rubber, food industry, construction equipment, ship repair, and oil refining.
  • Famous for exporting orchids.
  • Famous for the presence of a lot of tourist places, hotels, and resorts there
  •  Universal Studios Singapore: One of Singapore’s most popular tourist attractions, the studio is located in a cosmopolitan resort and is divided into seven regions. The studio features a partner cartoon world, a dinosaur world, a world filled with ancient Egyptian mummies, a science fiction area and more than thirty restaurants.
  •  Singapore Botanical Gardens: Located in the city center, it is a small forest of about 64 acres and contains a large range of plants. Boat Quay.
  • Singapore Flyer: Located in Marina Bay and is the largest in the world with a height of about 165 meters, offers tourists a wonderful panoramic view of the bay.
  • Sultan Mosque: Located in the area of ​​Kampung and is one of the most important monuments in it, the mosque was built in 1824 and was renovated in 1825, and is characterized by the mosque consists of Arabesque and golden domes.
  • Fountain of Revolutions: Named in 1998 as the largest fountain in the world and recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, the fountain consists of a circular ring with a circumference of 66 meters and supported by four bases, with an area of ​​approximately 1683 square meters and a height of 138 meters.