Vietnamese police control a large amount of rhinoceros horns

55 rhinoceros horns have been seized at Hanoi airport, authorities said Sunday, as the country seeks to counter trafficking in wild species.

Vietnam is a major hub for this multi-billion-dollar trade in land varieties, which is also a major center for the consumption of derived products.

A payload carefully covered with molded plaster molded police officers who found 125 kilograms of rhinoceros horns at Hanoi’s Noi Bay International Airport, AFP reported.

Photographs of rhinoceros horns were shown on a table as police officers broke down the molds, which did not specify their source.

Horns of rhinoceros are well-known in Vietnam, where the price of one kilogram may cost as much as $ 60,000, crunching it into a powder used especially for its alleged medicinal benefits.

Authorities arrested three suspects on Thursday after seven frozen tigers were found in a parked car in a stand-in Hanoi.