The happiest dog in the world. It has a strange smile!

The Andor family has a dog that never stops laughing and smiling wherever it goes, and it is a habit not known to dogs. The dog was considered the happiest dog in the world. The 11-year-old “Chiba Ino Eccentric”, it is fully adaptable to the situation. According to the British newspaper “Metro”.

Andrew and his wife Ashley (owners of the dog) say they can not go out with the dog and sleep in the street without the dog’s eyes catching the attention of all the people on the street.

Ashley says the dog will sleep if he meets a mare in the street. The dog automatically takes a smile that attracts attention, but the dog’s preference for the person they meet is more than couples as they walk down the street.

According to studies, dogs are described as “the most human friend”, while scientists stress that the link between humans and their pet animals may be deeper than one thinks, to the degree that the happiness of these pets is said to be derived from the happiness of their owners.

The owner of the love relationship between dogs and their owners is the hormone oxytocin, which is one of the means to strengthen the bonds between parents and their children, this hormone increases in humans and their pets when they deal together, especially when they look at each other’s eyes