Japanese sushi: The sushi types are the easiest way to prepare

Sushi is one of the most famous Japanese dishes, made from pickled rice and covered with strips of melted fish. The rice is wrapped around different types of fish like salmon, even vegetables, fish eggs, and other red meat. Of different types of seaweed and which add to the dish another delicious flavor.
 The dish is served with a sauce made of wasabi paste and soy sauce. With regard to the origin and roots of this dish, there is a difference between the Japanese and Chinese in the eligibility of the proportions of the dish to the kitchen of Chinese or Japanese, and there are no facts or historical documents prove the matter; the Japanese write the name of this dish in Chinese kanji. This dish is excluded from Japanese kitchen dishes, which must be eaten with sticks and wooden sticks. You can eat sushi with your hands, and the etiquette of this dish is that the person begins to eat a piece of white meat with a sharp taste and flavor, and then continues to eat the dark colors and flavors Sunday little by little, And can dip the fish in soy sauce next to the dish, and should not drown rice.

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