How to take care of my skin in the summer

cleaning the face
 Wash the face with a face-sensitive cleanser four times a day, preferably gel, unless the skin is very dry. Facial cleansers can be used. Skin cleansing is recommended. Skin care professionals should go once a month. , To relax the skin and clean the pores, get rid of the sensitivity of the skin, increasing the production of fat on the skin in the summer, which blocks the pores, which leads to skin problems.

 Sun protection
 Sunscreen should be used half an hour before sun exposure, and reapplied during daylight hours, especially if exposure to the sun is between 11 am and 3 pm because sunlight is strong at that time.

 Use the toner
 The toner keeps the pores closed and cools the skin, so you should use the appropriate toner for your skin type, or use rose water that has cooling properties for the skin.

Use moisturizer
 Skin You should drink plenty of water in the summer to maintain skin moisture, but you should not skip skin hydration, especially water-based moisturizer, to protect the skin.

Keep the skin hydrated from the inside
 You should avoid soft drinks; because they contain sugar which is bad for the skin, so you must drink fresh juices, for example, coconut water, fruit juice, and certainly water; to keep the skin smooth and healthy.

Peeling skin
 Peel the skin twice a week and if the skin is greasy can peeling 2-3 times a week, to get rid of dead skin, and perspiration, promote blood circulation, and renewal of skin cells, and keep the skin soft and clean.

Eye Cream
 Daily eye cream is heavy in the summer, so it can be replaced with a light eye cream, heavy use at night only, and lip protection should also be protected with lip protection.

Remove make-up
 It is essential to remove makeup in the evening, by taking a BB cream with a mild makeup remover, then rinse the face with a mild detergent or wash with light glycolic acid. After that, apply a light moisturizer, free from perfumes.

Oily skin care
 In the summer there are several things to consider for skin care in the summer, including:
Do not rub the skin harshly when peeling, because the fat produced by the skin keeps the skin moisturizes and protects from irritation, and use a cleaner for the skin is gentle and alcohol-free.
Frequent washing of the face stimulates the production of fat during the summer months, so you can wash the face twice a day, and use a detergent containing salicylic acid once a week.
Do not touch the face with hands; so that the skin does not become greasy anymore.
The use of a pincher-like toner can be mixed with an equal amount of rose water, kept in the refrigerator, the use of moisturizers and detergents containing glycolic acid, salicylic acid, niacin, caffeine, washing, Products once or twice a day.

Eating foods that contain vitamin A, because it makes oily skin normal and necessary, and is necessary for the process of regeneration of skin cells, and can be taken through supplements, or eat carrots, spinach, watermelon, and fish.

Peel the skin once a week, and you can add fruit, cucumber, and lemon to make a natural home peeler; because it fits the oily skin more.
Dry skin care in the summer There are several things to consider for dry skin care during the summer months because these skin can crack, and itching and scaling, including:

 Do not shower with hot water, shower for short, use soap suitable for dry skin and free of perfume.

Use the moisturizer after cleansing the skin with a mild cleanser, preferably containing ceramides, and non-peeling skin harshly; it causes dry skin irritation.

Mixed Skin Care In the summer, mixed skin is usually greasy in the forehead, nose and chin region and is called the T zone. The rest of the skin is dry. Therefore, it is difficult to have products for this type of skin, which also suffer during the summer. Fatty areas, and maintain moisturizing dry areas, so you can try some of the household mixtures that take care of this type of skin, such as honey, yogurt and rose water mix; because honey natural moisturizer and yogurt softens and moisturizes the skin, rose water controls the secretion of fat, The skin protects it from the sun, and is applied in the following way: Ingredients: a tablespoon of honey. A tablespoon of yogurt. A tablespoon of rose water. Preparation: Mix ingredients, apply evenly to the skin. Leave the mask on the skin for 15-20 minutes. Then wash the skin with normal water. Sensitive Skin Care In the summer, sensitive skin is the most sensitive type of skin, and it is difficult to take care of; it irritates from several factors, such as using skin care products that do not fit or getting out in the sun causing it to redness, and the reaction ranges from mild to severe Some natural substances are preferred to sensitive skin such as natural honey