A criminal assault on a dog that has been linked to the car leads to a slow death

RSPCA recently released disturbing images of a two-year-old female Bulldog dead. He was found dumped on the road in the English Butel and apparently did not have much time to conceive. So that it was tied to a vehicle and dragged to a slow and tormented death

The dog was found early in the morning by locals wrapped in wire and the wire was hanging on its collar and had a broken head that appeared to have been cut off from the car. There were parts of the skin scattered on the dog’s feet, indicating that he had done his best to keep up with the car but could not

This shows that the dog was dragged strongly by these. The police received this news and responded with emotion and condemnation of this barbarous act and it is considered immoral behavior according to the rules of the United Kingdom. The identity of the dog or its owner is still unknown

The police put in a special number that allows access to the RSPCA. They believe that someone must have seen this criminal act against this dog and anyone who has seen this is contacted by this line 8018 123 0300 to help bring this culprit to justice

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