Hawaiian Islands: Know the best Hawaiian Islands to be your tourist destination this summer

Hawaii is one of the world’s leading tourist attractions, making up a significant proportion of visitors from all over the world. Hawaii is one of the states in the United States. Hawaii is located in the southwestern part of the United States and Honolulu is its official capital. Covering about 132 islands, but the population is only living in 8 islands which are located on the south-eastern side of the Hawaiian archipelago

Tourism in Hawaii is the most important island in the island, which has a set of tourist sites and a variety of places that provide tourists who visit annually, several activities and the most important areas are the islands of Oahu

It is an island and a popular tourist spot in Huai. It has many beautiful attractions. Water beaches such as Imanol Beach and Waikiki also offer tourists the possibility of diving activity in the Hanauma Bay area between fish and coral.

The island is the largest island in Hawaii and is ranked among the best tourist attractions in Hawaii. Where he talked about the most important tourist activities, such as the sunny beaches of Kona and falling waterfalls. As well as the volcano park and the Mammoth summit, one of the peaks covered with snow

The city of Maui is a beautiful tourist attraction and includes many tourist features such as providing on the cruise for tourists, visiting the plantation of lavender trees and Haleakala Road, and offers the possibility of surfing on the waves of the beaches of water

Kawaii is an attractive tourist destination with a range of places to offer a variety of tourist activities suitable for tourists in Hawaii such as visiting the Canyon Valley and visiting the Cave of Kawaii

Molokai has been blessed with a tourist area in which there are a number of distinctive places, most notably the historic site of Callaoppa, the Halawa River, offering visitors to Hawaii several rare and different aspects to contribute to providing a luxurious tourist experience for tourists.

The Na Pali Coast is the most famous of these areas. It offers an opportunity to travel long distances between the wonderful natural areas of Kawaii. These roads are characterized by the natural beauty that makes you see many rivers and valleys. The Na Pali Coast is located on the northwestern side of the attractive island of Kawaii

The most beautiful place for Hawaiian Seagull is whale watching and other tourist activities but Maui Island is the island that relies on watching whales or humpback whales while performing a range of acrobatic marine games. Maui is ranked as the size of the Hawaiian Islands

Traditional Hawaiian Food: Traditional food is a characteristic of Hawaii; it has a specialty kitchen that serves many kinds of foods, especially tropical fruits. Hawaii also relies on Filipino and Chinese cuisine, because it is influenced by the culture of the people who settled in the past

HANNA ROAD: Hanna Road is one of the most beautiful roads near Lake Turkouz. It is characterized by the spread of many waterfalls along its length of about 109 km. It connects the two cities of Hana on the eastern side of Maui and Kahului.

Go to Lulani Palace: This palace is a tourist attraction located in Oahu and is distinguished by the fact that there is no other palace in the United States. It was completed in 1882 and later became one of the most famous places and places in Oahu.

Do you still think about your destination this summer? Maybe the refuge you can visit now, do not hesitate and be a race to travel with the most beautiful islands of the world