The strangest records in the Guinness Book of Records

Guinness’s book is known for its excellence. First, it distinguishes the idea of the book itself; secondly, it is distinguished by its record numbers, but sometimes these figures are not only distinctive but also strange and hard to believe.

Secrets of people who achieved great fame in the Guinness Book

1-The longest prison sentence ever:

Can you believe that the longest prison sentence reached to spend 38,491 years in prison and a fine of 19 million euros? The accused is a 22-year-old Spanish mailer named Gabriel march Granados. The charge is that 42,784 letters were not delivered, 35718 opened and 5,000 euros stolen.

2- 18 Days Without Water:

In 1979, police officers mistakenly forgot, Austrian Andreas Bihavdj, trapped in the cell without water. He relied on water droplets gathered on the bars of his cell to drink.

3- A breathtaking leap:

In April 2015, Australian adventurer Kanyo Ying decided to make the most dangerous leap, and he succeeded. He made a double jump in Ireland’s Warnborough Waterfall with closed eyes in a narrow space between two large rocks.

4- The longest interval between the birth of twins:

Something really unbelievable! It was the interval that reached a record 87 days after the first twin. The mother of the record is Maria Jonas.

5- The youngest grandmother in the world:

We are all surprised when we see a graceful and beautiful grandmother and retain her youthful appearance despite her age, but there is a record in the Guinness book that will make you more surprised. It is a truly young grandmother, not just caring and caring. The 25-year-old grandmother, who gave birth to her first child at the age of 13, and her daughter also gave birth at the age of 10, her son is now two years old. She is the Romanian Roman grandmother Riva Stanisco.

6- Jumping without an umbrella:

The idea of parachute jumps terrifies a lot. What if they learn about the adventure of American Locke Icons, who jumped from an altitude of 7,600 meters without a canopy and any safety equipment at 193 meters per hour and fell into a large, pre-designed white network for the adventure in California. Locke managed to jump.

7- Writing inverted:

There are many difficult languages such as ancient Hebrew and Tuscan that are hard to write, but an Italian was able to create a difference. He wrote 67 books in reverse in several difficult languages, using computers and without looking at the screen.

8- The largest number of children:

Where couples complain about their different wishes for having two or fewer children, Russian Vasiliev made a record, as his wife had given birth to 69 boys.

9- Carry weight 63 kg by hair beard:

He managed to carry a girl weighing 63.2 kg with his beard hair. He was the Lithuanian who scored the weightlifting record with his beard hair.

10- Swimming under the ice:

World swimmer Six Ferencin achieved a record in swimming under the ice, cutting a distance between two holes under the ice in 96 seconds.