After launching his new song with Camila Cabello is Shawn Mandes Single?

question on everyone’s mind: Is Shawn Mendes, good human, single? Answer: Unclear, that the time has return ANalyze} by happening a showing emotion complete and very engaging journey through his relationship history.

The unhealthy news: your name isn’t on this list. however, there is HOPE. the nice news: everything else happening here, starting, of course, with Shawn’s most up-to-date reported fling: Camila Freakin’ Cabello.

Shawn and Camila simply free their new song “Señorita,” and it’s…to put it brusquely…incredibly hot. therefore hot that it’s created everybody thirsty, and other people square measure extinction aforesaid thirst by forward Shawn and Camila square measure qualitative analysis. Like, are you able to blame them?

And sure, you may say this can be simply ACTING, however, could I gift Exhibit B: the covert video. The sexual tension and chemistry square measure therefore intense I virtually ought to take a chance to chill off, bye.

But if you wish a lot of convincing that things square measure ~happening~, there is the very fact that Camila simply separated up together with her lover Matthew Hussey. of over a year