America officially holds Russia responsible for the cyber attack


US officials have officially declared that Russia is the likely source of a massive and ongoing cyberattack that has damaged key government and private sector systems across the United States.

A joint statement issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation / FBI / and the Department of Homeland Security and National Intelligence and the National Security Agency – reported by USA Today/newspaper – stated that “it is possible that [the hacking campaign] is of Russian origin.” Responsible for all recently detected breaches of public and private networks.

US officials indicated that the cyber attack continued weeks after its announcement, saying, “At this time, we believe this campaign was and still is an intelligence-gathering effort … and we are taking all necessary steps to understand the full scope of this campaign and respond accordingly.”

The American newspaper considered that Russia’s public download of Jom is the most accurate so far, after separate statements last December by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and then Attorney General William Barr who accused the “Kremlin”.

Meanwhile, outgoing US President Donald Trump sought to play down the breach, while indicating that China was responsible for the attack. Trump accused the media of exaggerating the hacks and repeatedly blamed Russia, undermining his administration’s warning last month that the attacks posed a “significant risk” to government networks and the private sector.

The American newspaper said that although federal authorities have so far tracked the launch of the attack in March, it remains unclear how long agents in some of the most important government agencies – including the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Homeland Security, Treasury and Commerce – have been attacked. Electronic and what may be lost or compromised.

The United States says that the hackers used sophisticated methods not seen in previous hacks, which complicates efforts to eliminate the threat, pointing out that the attackers penetrated federal computer systems by planting an electronic virus in one of the computers of the “Solar Windows” company specialized in managing networks.

According to the American newspaper, it appears that the threat came from the same cyber-espionage campaign that hit the American network security company Fire Eye, known to address piracy, foreign governments and large companies.


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